Inversores / VFX3648 inversor Out back 3600w 48v


Inversor  Cargador Outback de 3600W/48DC


This is a modular “building block” sinewave inverter/charger that is powerful, tough and versatile. Each OutBack VFX 3648 inverter/charger is a complete power conversion system – DC to AC inverter, battery charger, and AC transfer switch.
Additional inverter/chargers can be connected at any time in parallel (120 VAC), series (120/240 VAC), or three- phase (120Y208VAC) configurations.  The system can be tailored to the specific power conversion requirements of the application. Additions can be made at the time of installation or in the future.

Like the FX series, the OutBack VFX is also designed to survive harsh environments around the world. The full-screened vent openings are “bug-proof” and the die-cast aluminum chassis keeps the power conversion components cool in very hot environments even when operated at high power for extended lengths of time.


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