Inversores / Inversor Solis 10k-LV Grip-tie 3 Face delta


● Over 97.2% Max. Efficiency
● Dual MPPT design
● Ultra wide input voltage range
● Precise MPPT algorithm
● Controlled PWM inverter technology
● Compact and light design for one-person easy installation
● IP65 visually pleasing for domestic environment
● RS 485 WIFI/GPRS (optional) interface
● Suitable for unit business installation below 100kW
● Wifi and monitoring app available
● 5 years standard warranty 10 years optional upgrade


Model GCI-10K-LV-W
Energy source Wind
Input side
Max. DC input voltage 600V
Start-up DC voltage 50V
MPPT operating range 30-530V
Rated DC voltage 300V
Max. DC input current 36A
Number of MPP/Max. Strings per MPPT 1/1
Output side
Rated output power 10kW
Max. transient power 10kW
Rated AC grid voltage 208V/220V/240V
AC grid voltage range 180~270V
Operating phase Three phase
Rated AC grid output current 25A
Max. AC output current 25A
Output power factor >0.99
Grid current THD <3%
DC injection current <50mA
Rated grid frequency 50/60Hz
Max. Efficiency 97.2%
Euro. Efficiency 96.2%
MPPT Efficiency >99%
DC reverse-polarity protection Yes
AC short circuit protection Yes
AC output overcurrent protection Yes
Output overvoltage protection-varistor Yes
Ground fault monitoring Yes
Grid monitoring Yes
Islanding protection Yes
Temperature protection Yes
Integrated DC switch Optional
General data
Size(mm) 430W*613H*269D (mm)
Weight 30.8kg
Topology Transformerless
Internal consumption <6W(No wind)
Running temperature -25℃~60℃
Ingress protection IP65
Operating range utility frequency(HZ) 47-52 or 57-62
Noise emission(typical) <30 dBA
Cooling concept Natural convection
Max. operating altitude without derating 2000m
Design lifetime >20 years
Grid connection standard EN50438 G59/3 AS4777 VDE0126-1-1 IEC61727
Operating surrounding humidity 0~100%
EMC IEC62109-1/-2 AS3100

EN61000-6-1 EN61000-6-3

DC connection MC-4mateable
AC connection IP67 rated plug
Display LCD 2×20 Z.
Interface RS 485 WIFI/GPRS (optional)
Warranty 5~10 years


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