Diferenciadores de Tamperatura / DTC-ES-1C Controlador de temperatura con pantalla LCD


Feature EagleSun DTC-ES-1 UL Listing Yes Digital Display Yes On Differential Adjustment 8º F – 24º F, default @ 10º F Off Differential Adjustment 2º F – 8º F, default @ 4º F Storage High Limit 110º F – 200º F, default @ 150º F Collector Low Limit 50º F – 70º F, default @ 50º F Variable Speed Output Optimal Fixed Minimum Speed Range 20% to 50%, default @ 30% Freeze Recirculation Logic Yes Heat Dump For Glycol N/A Minimum Off Time Setting 3 to 10 Minutes, default @ 5 mins Collector High Temp Limit Fixed at 200º F in drainback mode Drainback Logic With Time Out For 2nd Collector Pump Yes Flow Sensor Compatible Optional, Grundfos VFS Series Available Flow Rates .26 to 3.2 gpm, .34 to 5.3 gpm, .53 to 10.5 gpm, 1.3 to 26 gpm, 2.6 to 53 gpm, 5.2 to 106 gpm or Manual Input



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